City Departments

The City Departments pride themselves in the service that they provide to the citizens of Phenix City. Each department is led by the Department Director who reports directly to the City Manager. The key to each department's effectiveness is their sincere dedication to the welfare of our City and State. They are a cohesive unit working within their department as well as with other departments, the City Manager, Mayor, and City Council to provide quality service to the citizens of Phenix City.

A brief overview of these departments is listed below. You are invited to learn more about these departments and the resources that they provide on their specific page.

  • Code Enforcement Department - The Code Enforcement Department of the City of Phenix City plays a crucial role in the residential and economic development of the city.  The many responsibilities of this department includes:  Review and approval of all residential and commercial plans for construction, issuance of permits, inspection of all phases of construction, enforcement of code and licenses as well as zoning. The Code Enforcement  Department advises and works with architects, engineers, home builders, contractors, and owners of home occupation businesses.
  • Finance Department - The Finance Department is responsible for the administration, direction, and coordination of all financial services of the City.
  • Fire Department
  • Municipal Court
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Personnel Department - The Personnel Department provides support services to other departments so that they may focus on the services they provide to their customer. The mission of the Personnel Department is to recruit and maintain an able and highly motivated work force and to assist the City government to operate in a financially responsible and fiscally sound manner.
  • Police Department
  • Engineering and Public Works - The Engineering and Public Works Department provides efficient and quality public services to the citizens of Phenix City through construction, maintenance and engineering services in order to enhance the overall infrastructure and development of the City.
  • Utilities Department