The Department of Utilities provides vital water and sewage services throughout the City. The Department of Utilities will adapt to meet the needs of a changing community by providing a work environment that promotes high standards and quality service, exceeding customer expectations.

The Phenix City Utilities System consists of five respective divisions employing seventy-five individuals. The system consists of administration, the water distribution system, the wastewater collection system, the water filtration plant and the wastewater treatment plant. The department operates as an enterprise system under the municipal government of Phenix City and adheres to the mandates of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

The systemís primary office is located at 1119 Broad Street, is responsible for providing potable water and sewage treatment for all citizens within its jurisdiction, inclusive of the City of Phenix City twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week throughout the calendar year. The award winning system strives continuously to become and is recognized as one of Alabamaís finest water and wastewater municipal operations as is reflected by recent A.D.E.M. recognitions.

The administrative office of the Utilities Department employs approximately 20 employees and is responsible for overseeing all operational procedures of the system ranging from finance to public relations. Issues of employment and customer relations are addressed within this department.

The Utilities System of the City of Phenix City, being cognizant of the current growth and future potential of the City, continues to anticipate and react to issues of growth associated with the expansion of this last Alabama gateway while providing the finest of services for its citizens.

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