Job Listings

TITLE: Records Supervisor
DEPT: Police
Date Posted: 12/9/2014)  

TITLE: HVAC Maintenance Technician
DEPT: Engineering/Public Works-Building Maintenance
Date Posted: 12/9/2014)  

TITLE: Service Maintenance Worker
DEPT: Engineering/Public Works-Limbs and Debris
Date Posted: 12/9/2014)  

TITLE: Service Maintenance Supervisor
DEPT: Utilities - Water Distribution
Date Posted: 10/8/2014)  

TITLE: Staff Accountant
DEPT: Finance
Date Posted: 10/8/2014)  

TITLE: Engineering Technician I
DEPT: Engineering/Public Works - Engineering
Date Posted: 9/4/2014)  

TITLE: IT Technician I/Web Specialist
DEPT: City Manager-Information Technology
Date Posted: 8/27/2014)  

TITLE: Tennis Instructor (part-time)
DEPT: Parks and Recreation
Date Posted: 5/16/2014)  

TITLE: Police Officer
DEPT: Police Department
Date Posted: 3/18/2014)