Engineering Division

Mission Statement:
Engineering is the division of Public Works that provides engineering, construction and technical services to other Departments and citizens in order to enhance the overall infrastructure and development of the City.

The services that are provided can be broken down into the following categories:

  1. Inspection is performed on any infrastructure within Right-of-Way that will be maintained by the City.
  • Roadway and bridge construction
  • Utility construction
  • Subdivision development
  • Annual bridge inspection
  • Storm water and erosion control
  1. Permitting
  1. Plan development/review
  • Proposed subdivisions
  • Commercial site plan
  • Rezone and replat property
  • Utility installation
  • City sponsored projects
  1. Surveying and mapping services are provided primarily to other departments, but the public may obtain maps for a fee.
  • Topographic surveys, boundary surveys and construction layout
  • Sewer and water maps
  • City limits, planning jurisdiction and police jurisdiction maps
  1. MS4 Phase II Storm Water Management

The Engineering Division also assists the City Planning Commission.  All petitions and paperwork are distributed through the Recording Secretary.