Phenix City Red Light Safety Program


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    Phenix City Red Light Safety Program

    The City of Phenix City has recently contracted with RedFlex Traffic Safety to impliment a Red Light Traffic Safety Program in the City of Phenix City.

    The first Red Light Camera will go Live April 15, 2013! The first location will be at 13th Street and Broad St. See press release here. Other intersections will be added as approvals are granted by ALDOT.

    If you have driven the US 280/431 By-Pass in Phenix City, Alabama, you have probably witnessed flagrant disregard for red lights at the intersections on the 280 By-Pass. This is and has been a serious traffic safety problem in our community for years. The problem is becoming even more serious as traffic counts increase on this major state thoroughfare in our community. In an effort to reduce the number of intersection related crashes causing death and serious injury on the 280 By-Pass, the Phenix City Police Department, in partnership with Redflex North America, will soon be implementing a program to help reduce the number of red light violators on the US 280 By-Pass. This program will help the Phenix City Police Department enforce and cite red light violators and thereby increase the safety of the 280 By-Pass for our friends, families and those visiting or passing through our beautiful city while traveling the 280 By-Pass

    As part of the overall Traffic Safety Plan for the City of Phenix City, the Phenix City Police Department is currently in the planning phase of installing technology at various intersections, primarily on the 280 By-Pass, to provide surveillance and enforcement of the brazen disregard for traffic signals at these locations. This program has received tremendous community support due to the obvious problem of red light violators observed in our community daily on the 280 By-Pass.