Phenix City Red Light Safety Program


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    Phenix City Red Light Safety Program

    The City of Phenix City has recently contracted with RedFlex Traffic Safety to impliment a Red Light Traffic Safety Program in the City of Phenix City.



    As part of the ongoing traffic safety plan in Phenix City, Alabama, the Police Department utilizes Red Light Enforcement cameras at various locations throughout the city. The cameras help the Police Department enforce red light violators as well as offer surveillance of the intersection. Video of crashes at monitored intersections also help in traffic crash investigations. The locations are chosen based on traffic studies and crash data that show a high number of violations and traffic crashes at the intersection.

    The Police Department began the program with one camera at 13th Street and Broad Street in April of 2013. There are plans to add additional cameras later this year. A list of those camera locations will be listed here when final plans are developed and the cameras go online.

    Stay tuned to this page for further developments.  

    The first Red Light Camera went live April 15, 2013.


    Red Light Camera Enforcement Locations:


    1. 13th Street and Broad Street.